Shabbos @ The BASE

Shabbos (1 – 2 March)
Torah Portion: Ki Sisa

Candle Lighting 18:15 / Havdalah 19:09
Friday Night Mincha – 18:15

Shabbos Morning
Learning – 8:30
Davening – 9:05am
Kiddush after Shul!

Shabbos Mincha – 18:00
Seudah Shlishis on the Rooftop

Maariv 19:09
Shabbos ends 19:09

Please note:

  1. Chazan and Leiner are pre arranged prior to the start of particular service. No exceptions will be made.
  2. Only pre designated individuals will have access to bimah, pulpit, Torah, Aron Kodesh.
  3. The facilities are cleaned after every service. For lost property please contact the Shul office