Please note there are no exceptions to any of the rules what so ever.

Protocols are non negotiable.

Please note each service is limited. Booking is neccesary. For any questions, please contact 0839266909

It should also be noted that our Shul protocols have been tailor made to take into account our unique circumstances at the BASE. This includes but is certainly not limited to considerations of physical premises, facilities, volunteers and the nature of our community.

  1. Entry to the premises require screening – no exceptions
  2. No one should feel any pressure to attend.
  3. If you are unwell, do not come to the premises.
  4. No mask – No entry (premises) no scarfs, or buffs.
  5. Every person will present themselves to be screened and temperature will be taken.
  6. Hands to be sanitised upon entry, there are sanitisers (foot pedal) placed at every entrance and exit
  7. Children who can not sit with their parents for the duration of megila reading should not attend Shul at present.
  8. All windows and doors will be kept open at all times to maintain maximum ventilation
  9. A distance of 2m must be kept at all times between members (no elbow or toe tap)
  10. Every member must stay in the seat they choose at the beginning of the service, this is not optional. Do not move seats around the Shul. There are no extra seats or alternative spaces. Seats are arranged with larger clearance areas and are not allowed to be moved at all.
  11. Bring your own Siddur, Chumash. No shtenders will be provided.
  12. Please do not leave any personal belongings at the Shul. All items on tables and chairs will be cleaned away after every service.
  13. No books from the Shul may be used at all.
  14. Chazan and Leiner are pre arranged prior to the start of particular service. No exceptions will be made.
  15. Only pre designated individuals will have access to bimah, pulpit, Torah, Aron Kodesh.
  16. The facilities are cleaned after every service.
  17. There are staff on bathroom duty during active services.
  18. No food and drink allowed on the premises.

These are an overview of major points. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.