Pesach @ The BASE

!חג שמח
Wishing everyone a continued meaningful Yom Tov Experience!
Looking Forward!
Reminder to do Eruv Tavshilin Thursday before Yom Tov (Artscroll Siddur pg654)

Pesach – Thursday Night
Candle Lighting 5:28pm
Mincha 5:40pm
followed by Maariv

7th Day – Friday / Erev Shabbos
Learning 8:30am
Davening 9:15am

Beis Midrash 5:00pm
Mincha 5:30pm
followed by Maariv
Candle lighting
from existing flame not after 5:27pm

8th Day – Shabbos
Learning 8:30am
Davening 9:15am
Yizkor not before 10:15am

Community Celebration
Mincha 4:30pm
Everyone is invited to a special Seudah Shlishis
The culmination of our Pesach experience
Matzah, wine, words of Torah and singing
Please bring Matzah and Wine to compliment.
All welcome!
followed by Maariv
Shabbos / Yom Tov ends 6:16pm


All windows and doors will be kept open at all times to maintain maximum ventilation

Please do not leave any personal belongings at the Shul. All items on tables and chairs will be cleaned away after every service.

Chazan and Leiner are pre arranged prior to the start of particular service. No exceptions will be made.

Only pre designated individuals will have access to bimah, pulpit, Torah, Aron Kodesh.

The facilities are cleaned after every service.

These are an overview of major points. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.